I need a Tech Transfer and Commercialization Partner

Do you run a federal, state, university or corporate research lab or technology transfer office?

Increasingly, partners are turning to Wasabi Ventures to help achieve their tech transfer and commercialization, or new venture spinoff, objectives. We specialize in working with them to validate and expand the Proof-of-Concept and extend the range of market applications that intellectual property may be well suited for.

Even technologies that have well-identified market applications may need additional support en route to commercialization. Our proven experience finding, forming, educating and incubating early-stage management teams, paired with partner’s technologies, can dramatically increase the rate of licensure and new venture formation and the likelihood of the new venture’s success.

Whether it be starting completely from scratch with a new team and technology, or working with an experienced team seeking to innovate or extend current technologies into new markets, we can design the custom program that integrates seamlessly with your approach and significantly improves your metrics.


William Wolf

Griffiss Institute Director

Bio: I joined Griffiss Institute after 11 years as the Chief of the Cyber Operations Branch of the Air Force Research Laboratory in Rome, New York.

Question: What has it been like to have Wasabi Ventures as an tech transfer partner?

Bringing in Wasabi Ventures to our tech transfer efforts at GI has been transformative. Their approach with fostering relationships with startups, lab personnel, and community leaders has created a tech transfer program that is truly revolutionary.


Mark Kaplan

CEO of Alpha Loft

Bio: CEO of Alpha Loft has three decades of executive, venture capital, financial, and investment industry experience. He led the creation of the current Alpha Loft organization in New Hampshire through the combination of three separate entities.

Question: What is special about partnering with Wasabi Ventures?

We have a close relationship with Wasabi Ventures both in our daily activities and our leadership, as TK Kuegler serves on Alpha Loft's Board of Directors. Wasabi works very hard to develop companies in our state and to add value to the state's ecosystem. They bring great expertise and are a highly valued partner to our organization and many others. TK has a strong reputation in New Hampshire as a venture capitalist who provides excellent feedback and guidance to entrepreneurs, even those that are not backed by Wasabi" They are a 'go to' firm in the startup ecosystem of the state.

Our Process

  • IP Mining: We work with you to uncover the IP at your lab or office with the greatest commercial potential.
  • Ecosystem Development:We work with the established leaders in your startup ecosystem to make your commercialization tech transfer program elite.
  • Founder Recruitment: With your IP in mind WV finds domain experts who can be paired with your IP, to create viable startups.
  • Founder Education: The Wasabi Ventures Academy works with each founder to validate, create, and present an original startup idea.
  • Venture Incubation: With Wasabi Ventures working closely with each venture the sky is truly the limit for every startup & team involved in your program.