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Wasabi Ventures Academy

Knowledge Ideation Cofounding Additional Education
Overview: Students work through a combination of lessons, materials, and resources to get a foundational understanding of the startup world.
1) The Founder
2) The Startup
3) The Ecosystem
4) Resources & Tools
Identify and outline an original startup idea.
1) Idea Generation
2) Startup Structure
Execute on an original startup idea by building a scalable company, as an Entrepreneur- in-Residence with Wasabi Ventures.
1) Validation
2) Creation
3) Presentation
What are you interested in learning? Wasabi Ventures has additional lessons, and resources in almost every startup topic, just ask!
Format & Timeline: Reverse Classroom - Varies Reverse Classroom - Varies 1-on-1 commitment - 6 months-10 years Varies
Ideal Candidate: Anyone interested in learning more about the startup world Anyone interested in learning more about the startup world Individuals who are ready to found a startup Anyone interested in learning more about the startup world



How much does the WV Academy cost?

It's free! Simply register for Startup 101, create an account and begin studying.

How many courses are there?

There are four courses in our program:
- Introduction to the Startup World
- Preparing Yourself for the Startup World
- Virtual Incubation
- Entrepreneur-in-Residence

How do I apply for the other courses?

After completion of Startup 101, most students who request to do so are invited to Startup 201. For Startup 301, Virtual Incubation, it is a much more selective process that includes assignment review and interviews.

How long does each course last?

The first course can be completed on your own schedule. The second course is usually more than two months. The third course is approximately four to six months.