Interview Series: Meet the Fall 2017 AFRL Commercialization Academy Teams

From charitable giving via crowdfunding to energy-saving technology, the four teams of the Fall 2017 AFRL Commercialization Academy have worked diligently to build startups their founding teams and mentors can be proud to deliver to market. Learn more about them:

Let's Chat About It

Founder Garrison Grant describes his personal struggles with mental illness and substance abuse, and how these experiences led him to create Let's Chat About It. The wellness support platform and online community is committed to assisting those dealing with mental illness or substance abuse. Read Garrison's story: 

Good People Energy Technologies

Ethan Durham and Devin Morgan's mission is to make energy savings easy, while championing stewardship of energy, communities, and human potential. Learn how Good People Energy is becoming a leader in the energy-efficiency movement, while "doing business on a human scale" in this interview:

Inky's Bookshelf

Founder Simon Bruno's passion for reading began in his freshman year of college. Now Simon and his team are encouraging everyone to read everything they can "get their hands on" through Inky's Bookshelf, an online subscription service for avid readers. Discover how this startup is creating an enriching reading experience: 


Adam MacDonald founded GivDapps after learning about the difficulty and lack of transparency in donating to individuals in his local community. Find out what GivDapps is accomplishing through crowdfunding technology to bridge the gap between non-profits and donors in this article:                    


posted November 20, 2017