I want to be a Startup Founder

Wasabi Ventures Academy

Knowledge Ideation Cofounding Additional Education
Overview: Students work through a combination of lessons, materials, and resources to get a foundational understanding of the startup world.
1) The Founder
2) The Startup
3) The Ecosystem
4) Resources & Tools
Identify and outline an original startup idea.
1) Idea Generation
2) Startup Structure
Execute on an original startup idea by building a scalable company, as an Entrepreneur- in-Residence with Wasabi Ventures.
1) Validation
2) Creation
3) Presentation
What are you interested in learning? Wasabi Ventures has additional lessons, and resources in almost every startup topic, just ask!
Format & Timeline: Reverse Classroom - Varies Reverse Classroom - Varies 1-on-1 commitment - 6 months-10 years Varies
Ideal Candidate: Anyone interested in learning more about the startup world Anyone interested in learning more about the startup world Individuals who are ready to found a startup Anyone interested in learning more about the startup world


What is your Dream?

If your dreams include playing a role in the startup world, then you’ve come to the right place. The Wasabi Ventures Academy is a free educational program available to prospective startup founders. The curriculum is drawn directly from the experience of our partners as startup founders. It is practical, street smart, and designed to teach participants the realities of the startup world. Along the way, participants get a better understanding of their own dreams and what kind of role they may want to play in the startup world.

Recognizing that every founder comes to us with a unique background and level of experience, the WV Academy program is not "one size fits all". Instead, it is modular, multi-stage, flexible, and delivered through a combination of online sessions and in-person programs and events, allowing founders to start and stop on their own schedule, and focus on mutually determined areas of greatest need. The academy’s greatest value lies not in its content but rather in the time founders get to spend directly with our partners.

Building a Future

So what what do graduates of the WV Academy typically do after they finish the program?

Some may grow in the certainty that they want to work at a startup, but conclude that they aren't yet ready to be a founder. In such cases, WV helps connect them to startup job opportunities across our portfolio of companies and at other startups.

Others decide that they want to dip another toe in the water and may find an opportunity with WV as an analyst, where they work closely with us on a project that increases their expertise.

Still others decide the world of startups is not for them at all and move on to other pursuits, enjoying the benefits of membership in the WV Academy Alumni Association.

A select few decide that they are ready to become startup founders. Where we agree, we offer them the opportunity to become Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EiR).