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Investing from Experience

Over the last 20 years, the partners at Wasabi Ventures have been a part of over 700 rounds of financing. We have been a part of every aspect of the fundraising experience: founder, adviser, investor. This 360 degree experience means that WV adds a great deal of value as a startup investor. This value-add approach has translated into Wasabi Ventures being a highly sought out participant in early stage fundraising rounds. WV hears over 120 pitches a week from startups and covers every technical vertical besides bio-tech/bio-med.

The WV Approach

Startups seek to add Wasabi Ventures to their rounds because they recognize the value-add we bring to deals derived from extensive experience as startup founders and operators. The best way to understand our approach to investing is this: the earlier we get involved, the more we are willing to invest; the later, the less. That translates into the majority of our deals getting done at the Pre-seed, Seed, up to and occasionally including the A Round. If you come to us later than that, it will not be a good fit. So don’t.


Chris Herbert

CEO and Co-Founder of Trackr

Bio: I went surfing and my key fell out of my wetsuit on the beach. My car was parked below the high tide line and when I came in to move my car, I couldn’t find my keys! Luckily people with metal detectors came by and found my keys before the ocean swept away my car. That made me wish for a easy way to keep track of items.

Question: What has been like to have Wasabi Ventures as an Investor?

Wasabi Ventures has been a great early stage funder and cheerleader for us. They are constantly trying to add value to the operation above and beyond the cash investment that they made.


Polina Raygorodskaya

CEO of Wanderu

Bio: I was the founder and president of Polina Fashion LLC, a boutique fashion, travel and luxury PR firm. My entrepreneurial endeavors have been recognized by Business Week, the Fox Business Channel and Legal Zoom. In 2007 Business Week named Polina as one of the "Best 25 Entrepreneurs Under 25." I love to travel and bring that passion to being the founder of Wanderu

Question: What has been like to have Wasabi Ventures as an Investor?

We loved the fast, painless process that Wasabi Ventures used for being one of our earliest investors. They have believed in our vision from the earliest stages and have always tried to value-add our start-up ajourney.

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